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Night Safari

Would you like to have a walk in the jungle during at night and feeling safe and comfortable at the same time? Do you want to get unforgettable experience of going back to childhood and listening to a bedtime story? Then this tour is exactly for you!


Night Safari is the first zoo in the world recreating tropical jungle at night. Special illumination, created by scientist for this park, imitates moon light and allows animals to feel themselves in their naturalistic habitats. There are more than 1040 animals and 120 species.


In the same way as in the Singapore Zoo and Birds Park, animals at Night Safari are separated from visitors by natural barriers – moats, waterfalls, bushes. This creates the illusion of absolute freedom for animals. Unlike typical zoos, here you will see only nocturnal animals that do not sleep at night.


The area of the park is about 40-hectare and it is divided up into several geographical zones. During a ride on a comfortable tram you will explore the foothills of the Himalayas, river valleys of Nepal, jungles of Southeast Asia with flora and fauna of these regions.


The park opens its gates at 19.30 so it is perfectly convenient to go there after the City tour or Mysterious Island Sentosa tour.

Attention: it is not allowed to use flash during the safari.