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Singapore is one of the world biggest centres for medical tourism. Here they have everything: the latest technical equipment, highly professional doctors, caring and attentive medical staff and excellent service. High quality medical services match with more affordable, than in European clinics’, prices.


There are plenty of people coming to Singapore only for general health screenings and treatments. Singapore is known for its moderate prices for medical examinations and treatments of any complexity. There are many excellent specialists residing in Singapore and patients come to see them from all over the world. Singapore hospitals employ advanced technologies and innovative methods in treatments of various diseases.


People come to Singapore for the health screenings and examinations, for laser eye surgery, heart and brain surgeries and organ transplantations. Also people come for dental procedures, plastic surgery and cancer treatments, for the alcoholism and drug addiction treatments and many others. Every patient’s treatment plan is individual. Many people like to combine business with pleasure. Tourists visiting Indonesia and Thailand and coming to Singapore in transit get an opportunity to have an express health screening. The procedures take 2 days: first day -  all the tests and examinations, the second day – doctors’ consultations and tests’ and examinations’ review.  We can offer few packages consisting of more or less intensive procedures, packages for men or women and others.


Clinics in Singapore are considered as ones of the best in the world. The main principle of their work is providing a wide range of services of the highest quality. Singapore medicine pays serious consideration to the importance of rehabilitation, it is thought that a good rehabilitation ensures at least a half of treatment success.

To start our relationship you will need to write us about your problem and send supportive documentation. From our side, we will translate the documents in English and send a request to several specialists. The doctors reply about treatment options and costs involved. These procedures are free for you. After careful consideration you decide whether to come to Singapore for your treatment.


If you decide to come to Singapore for medical treatment, we will assist you in accommodation booking as close to the hospital as possible. Also we assist you with Singapore visa and personal assistant who will help you during all your stay in Singapore. After your treatment is finished we will translate all the documentation and written doctors’ recommendations. If you have some questions to your doctor after you get home, we will gladly communicate it for you.



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