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Ethnic Quarters

After sir Stamford Raffles, the founder of Singapore, established a trading port on the island, the immigrants from all over the Asia region started to come and settle down in Singapore.


Malay, Chinese and Indian people were bringing families and starting their businesses here. Singapore became home to them and in few years the population increased hundreds times.


Even after going on the “City tour” and visiting the main attractions, the image of the city would not be complete without getting familiar with Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam areas. These ethnic quarters represent rich cultural and ethnical history of the island which originates from the 19th century.


 The starting point of our trip will be the Little India quarters which are very diverse and colourful area. There are aromas of different spices and jasmine decorations, the glitter of silverware and gold bracelets, bursting colours of silk sari. All that will make you feel as you are right in the middle of India. We will visit the Little India Arcade where you will be able to buy almost everything, from carry spices to local Gods statues and souvenirs. Also you will get an opportunity to try traditional Indian sweets.


After that we will stop at the “Kampong Glam” also known as the Arab quarters. Some time ago there was a fishermen village at the mouth of the Rochor River. Later on, under the strong Arab and Malay influence it was transformed into a Muslim trade quarters. Here you will find the centre of Malay history which is situated in the royal palace Istana Kampong Glam. Also, in this area there is the biggest mosque in Singapore – Masjid Sultan. The top of this mosque you would be able to see from afar. After the Ramadan, the main celebrations of Hari Raya take place in this mosque. We will walk down the Bussorah Street where you will try a traditional Malay tea “Teh Tarik” in one of the antique shop-houses.  


We will finish our tour at Chinatown. At the beginning of the 19th century, the immigrants from the south of China established their settlement in this area. These days Chinatown is the quarters uniting modern skyscrapers, antique shop-houses, tea-houses, pubs and souvenir stalls. Here, like in all over the city, you can feel the mixture of cultures where Chinese temples adjoin with Muslim mosques. You will visit the oldest Hindu temple “Sri Mariamman”, dedicated to the Goddess of rain, who protects people from illnesses and epidemics. Walking through the Chinatown you will know who are the “kuli”, “rikshas” and “samsui” women.

At this tour you will get lots of fun and great memories.