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Learn English with us!

Isn’t it a great idea to go on a Christmas vacations and take an English course? We will be more than happy to help you in organising this program including not only a language course but also visiting the most popular tourist attractions.


Winter educational program

English language course at the MDIS - Management Development Institute of Singapore
30 December – 10 January 2013


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 About Education in Singapore

There is a complex approach to education in Singapore. It consists of not only academic achievements and diplomas but also implies harmonical nurture of a person including his moral, spiritual and intellectual development.


 The educational system in Singapore is organised similarly to the British system. Singapore has perfect conditions for education in English language for the local people as well as for foreigners.


 University education in Singapore is very popular amongst foreigners. There are many joined educational programs between local universities and various schools in the USA, Australia and Europe. Also, people from all over the world come here to get their MBA degree.


The advantages of studying in Singapore is the British educational system, education in English, stable economical situation, multinational culture and high level of life.


University education in Singapore allows you to have an international diploma, unique experience of multicultural communication, the latest business knowledge and know-how and excellent opportunities for practice and overseas employment.


English is one of the official languages in Singapore, therefore there are many different language schools such as British Council. Nowadays, it is very common to send students for a summer vacations to a language camp. Children can combine an intensive language practice with excellent vacation activities. The teachers in language schools and camps are all native speakers: Australians, Englishmen, Americans and Singaporeans. Children will come back home with lots of impressions and great knowledge.


We will be happy to find the program that suits you best and assist you with entering a university.



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