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City Tour

“City by the sea” – this is the translation of the original name of the city Temasek, where now you can find a great city/country known as Singapore which also means “Lion’s city” (from Sanskrit).

Singapore, nowadays, is the city you cannot admire enough: modern architecture is surrounded by tropic jungles what compliments existing colonial style.

Territorially it is not a big country but it has absolutely everything: the beauty and cleanness, numerous attractions at Sentosa island as well as a big zoo, “Birds park” and “Night safari”. To know better this amazing city/country and to feel better its rhythm you should go to the city tour with us.

During this tour you will feel as a time traveler. From historical places we will lead you to the heart of the modern megapolis - Marina Bay.
We start our trip from the most admired place – Raffles hotel. This hotel is a fine model of colonial style and English traditions. It surrounded by an old garden with green talipots and white magnolias, small cozy patios and fountains, where every tree has its story. This is a true oasis in a busy city centre.

This hotel reminds us about the old times of great travelers and daring traders. Many famous people such as Charles Chaplin, Elizabeth Taylor, Jean Harlow, Michael Jackson, and Quinn Elizabeth II have stayed here; also great writers such as W. Somerset Maugham, Rudyard Kipling and many others have been hosted by the Raffles hotel.

From the Raffles hotel we would bring you to the biggest fountain in the world – “The fountain of wealth”. The fountain was built according to all Feng Shui rules and philosophy. Make sure you follow the procedure and you will get your share of prosperity and longevity from this magic fountain.

After that, following through the “colonial heart” of Singapore, we stop at the “Padang” area where we would get familiar with the buildings of former City Hall and Parliament, Supreme Court, Cricket Club and the antique theatre of Quinn Elizabeth.

Our tour would bring us to the place where Singapore River falls into South China Sea and the past mixes with the future: old-time houses and shops adjoin with the modern skyscrapers of the city centre. You will know why “City by the sea” became “Lion’s city” and will see the country’s symbol Merlion statue – lion with the fish’s body.

Form the Merlion Park you can enjoy a wonderful view on the whole bay with its architecture masterpieces such as “Esplanade” theater built in durian shape; one of the most famous and modern hotels «Marina Bay Sands»; city centre skyscrapers; the highest hotel in Asia - Swissotel the Stamford.

Singapore at night looks differently through the street lights and buildings’ and bridges’ illuminations. This is the best time to take a river cruise, which is included in our “Singapore at night” tour.

Finally, to enjoy a bird's-eye view of the city we will bring you to the Faber Mount where you will see the panoramic view of the south part of Singapore – the port and business centre. You will see the most famous Singapore island – Sentosa, which deserves your special attention. You can explore this island with our “Sunset Sentosa” tour.

To amuse you even more we will visit a famous gems factory where you will see a unique gallery of paintings, statues and jewellery - handmade of precious and semiprecious gems. Asian people believe that gems carry positive energy which helps to keep good health, cures the diseases and brings good luck.

We will finish our tour at the main shopping area of Singapore – Orchard street. Here you can buy almost everything because Singapore is widely known as “Shopping Heaven”.