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About Us

Asia Tour Deals was founded on the 8 of November 2008. Working and living in such a comfortable and beautiful country as Singapore, we try to show it to as much people as we can. We are happy to help all our clients to discover and explore this wonderful place.


Our staff come from different countries and backgrounds and speaks several languages. We have extensive experience in organizing trips and vacations in Asia and we are always ready to help in every possible way from answering any question to arranging your entire dream holiday.


Our company is based in Singapore which makes organizing your trip maximally simple and eliminates the need to pay other agents’ fees. For example, our company is authorized to apply for tourist visas directly to Immigration Checkpoint Authorities of Singapore what makes getting your visas quickly and easy in 1-3 days.


These days everybody use internet and able to find all information about any country, but how can you use all these to plan your trip efficiently? How to manage your time and to see everything worth seeing without tiring yourself under baking sun with a map and compass? That is why we hurry to work every day to arrange your ideas into exciting experience.


We admire creative people and creative approach and if you have your own itinerary and trip planning, you know the places you want to visit or dishes you want to try, just let us know and you will become your favourite client and what happens often a friend.



Hot Tours

City Tour
“City by the sea” – this is the translation of the original name of the city Temasek, where now you can find a great city/country known as Singapore which also means “Lion’s city” (from Sanskrit).
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Mysterious Island Sentosa
Sentosa island is situated a half-kilometer south from Singapore. You can go there by cable car and enjoy breathtaking view of the city, bay and the surrounding islands.
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Night Safari
Would you like to have a walk in the jungle during at night and feeling safe and comfortable at the same time?
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