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Welcome to Singapore

The frequently asked question we get asked is why Singapore is better than the other Asian countries?

Why is it situated very far? Why is it so expensive?
Why there are no coral reefs or grand canyons and it is very hot around the clock!?

We are not afraid of these questions; moreover, we expect them to be asked by our tourists. We are happy to repeat again and again that Singapore is the most colorful, diverse, clean and green metropolis in the world!

Is Singapore more expensive than Thailand and Malaysia? Exactly right, but at the same time hundreds times safer, cleaner and more comfortable.

There is no need to be cautious when you take a taxi here. All 5 taxi service companies working under government control. There is no scurrying about bikers or suspicious teenagers hiding in gateways.

There are no gateways at all! Every street has its name; there are traffic lights everywhere and all of the city is perfectly illuminated at nighttimes. Yes, there are no coral reefs or magnificent beaches. BUT! You can take one of the numerous ferries and spend few days snorkelling and lazing around the beach on Indonesian or Malaysian islands.
The weather in Singapore, undoubtedly, is very hot. The reason is that it’s situated only 135 km far from the equator. There is no need to spend a lot of time on the streets as there are lots of parks, shopping centres, various attractions, restaurants and cafes; and the majority of these places are air-conditioned.

If you already made your research on Singapore, you might have found that there a lot of rules and restrictions in this place. What is true and what is not?
You have to remember only 4 rules to feel here at home:

Do not litter. There is serious fine for littering on the streets, besides, why would you want doing that if there are rubbish bins on every corner?
Cross the road only on green light. It is simply necessary for your own safety. You should remember that local traffic lights are equipped with a button to assist pedestrians get the green light sooner!

Do not smoke in public places. Unofficially, by public place is considered a gathering of 5 or more people. It is not allowed to smoke on bus stops, next to the buildings and MRT entries etc. The rest is the same as in any other country. Do not forget to throw the butt into a rubbish bin (look rule number 1).

Do not chew a chewing gum (this is a unique rule which is related to an interesting story. Do not forget to ask our guide about this story upon your arrival)

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